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Trans America


Logboek 2016


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Next game now shows the next game regardless of game type, so you can easily go through all different games.
User stats shows the Palmares last now.
Trans Europa! Need I say more? You may now choose between the Trans America and the Trans Europe board
For privacy reasons messages are now automatically deleted if a player is substituted.
We proudly present our new game Potala! The game has been especially designed for our site by Adam Ritchey. We have been playing it for some time now in our test environment and it has proven to be a very nice strategic game. So give it a try (and give Adam some positive feedback as well).
The rules may be found here.
Solved a glitch in the calculation of the 'mean' ranking: people were actually rewarded for the meanness of their opponents. It has been solved, the top players will gradually become meaner.
  • Very nifty graphs in the user information! Click on a user's name and then choose Graphs.
  • From the user information of an opponent, it is now possible to get a list of all games you played with that particular player. Just click on the name of the game in the head-to-head results
If a player doesn't make his first move within 4 days, he may be replaced.
A large number of changes in this major upgrade.
  • Optimized and improved graphics for Trans America. The map is now a static image, therefore it is no problem to have a more detailed map. The browser will only download it once anyway. The rails and cities are projected on this map by a lightweight GIF image with 3D effects. There are still the 5 different map sizes to choose from.
    Do take a look at the smallest one, and play 'Trans America by night'!
  • Extensions to the ranking system. There are rankings for most points scored, ELO rating, success rate, points scored by opponents, number of open games and total number of games played
  • A Hall of Fame has been introduced. At the end of each month the top 3 players in each ranking list have the honour of being transferred to the Hall of Fame, so that we mere mortals will never forget their names.
  • Improved user statisitics. All ranking information can be seen in the user statisitics, and there is also a Palmares list, containing all Hall of Fame entries for the particular player
  • Because of the new ranking system, the decision about who gets the points in a subsition game has to be made during the game
  • After you click on 'Games' in the overview of Trans America or Clans, the first active game will open automatically
  • If a player doesn't make his first move within 2 days, he may be replaced.
A big thank you to Yrrah, robobor, Claudine and Dr. Mabuse for their advice.
Implemented a workaround for a known bug in Internet Explorer 4.0, that caused problems in Trans America.
Server upgrade. The new software offered more possibilities for drawing the map in TA. There is an extra type of image quality now, a so called GIF image. This is a more schematic map, but very sharp. All current users get the GIF type by default. The type of map can be chosen in the User profile. Furthermore, the representation of the playing pieces has changed. The starting point of each player is now represented by a circle, the target cities are still squares but a little larger.
Fixed yet another bug in the point calculations for TA
Implemented a major change for Trans America. You may now choose any point on the board as your starting point, you don't have to start in one of your cities. This is in accordance with the rules of the boardgame.
Solved small bug in endscore calculation for TA (yet another one)
Game messages disappear if a game has not been started after 24 hours.
You can now add a message upon creating a new game.
A horrible system crash combined with a faulty backup procedure has resulted in the loss of virtually all data. We decided to start all over again with game 0.
Corrected a minor error in the point calculations for TA
Made the login-procedure understandable for non-dutch (thanks to Misfit for the tip)
Added name links to the 'Who is online' list. Corrected a bug in the 'Favorite Link' field in the user statistics window.
Users can now be clicked anywhere to display statistics and some personal data.
The first move in Trans America cannot be skipped.
Improvements to the saving of Trans America moves, and better error logging.
Resolved both the SE-bug and the Great Lakes bug in the point calculation algorithm for Trans America. The only errors that should occur now is when a player has not reached any city.
Procedure to remove moves from Clans games that have finished more than 4 weeks ago. This was done to keep the database table from getting too big.
Corrections of the German translation (thank you Bornie)
When clicking Clans while not logged in, go to Clans immediately after the login form
Highlight own name in ranking lists
Added log functionality to allow users to keep track of changes in the system